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To request an official invite to the live event visit LINE UP: THE WONDER BARS MICHAEL NIGHTTIME HIGHLY DESIRABLE MAMBISA This is a private BYO* party. Bring your own fancy cups to stay sustainably swanky, and as always... dress to impress. --limited tickets available-- You know how sometimes you listen to that music? You know the kind... the kind that gets intoxicating, makes you feel, makes you want, makes you love... It gets you going, a ring in your ears, a sway in your hips, ...yeah, that music. You know that moment when you're dancing and you take a deep breath and everything drops at just the right moment? Producers of Philadelphia, you now have a new home. We will gather every fourth Friday. ----------------------------- will be live streaming the inaugural fourth friday @ 10pm on April 24th ----------------------------- There will be a BYO private party. --limited tickets available--